Evil Eye Protection System™


A very special gift will be included in the package of your brand new Lovegreece T-Shirt:

The powerful Lovegreece Evil Eye Protection System (E.E.P.S.) to help protect you from the “evil eye” of anyone who may be thinking you look too good wearing your Lovegreece T-shirt.

How to use:

Hold the “eye” of the bracelet in front of your face

Spit on it 3 times, and rub it to set the device on

Wear it around your left wrist or left ankle*

*Remember to turn the “mechanism” (=the “eye”) around the selected limb
at least once a day to avoid a “sleepy eye”.

The Lovegreece E.E.P.S. can be used to protect you from the “evil eye” while you are having the time of your life on a holiday or as an excellent good luck charm, protecting you from jealous stares and unwanted attention.