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Lovegreece Made in Greece white t-shirt

A spin on Greek cotton

Greek cotton shares the same History with Greek olive oil. Up until recent years, Greek olive oil producers were not crafty or worldly enough to create their own olive oil brands and used to send their unbranded liquid gold to Italy, where it was bottled and sold as Italian premium extra virgin olive oil. Greece […]

Martine Franck - Le Brusc, France, 1976

Greek Chic is back!

Lovegreece™ is here to change everything we know about souvenirs. To end, once and for all, all those impulse buys from souvenir-shops that stay forgotten in the back of the closet. That’s why we re-designed the classic Greek souvenir T-shirt with style, vision and the finest Greek cotton we could find. The Lovegreece™ T-shirt will […]


The Evil Eye

What is the Evil eye? Τhe belief that one can be affected negatively because of another person’s envy, or just another person’s stare, malevolent or unintentional. In Greek it is called “mati” (μάτι).   History The idea is widely spread in many cultures, primarily in the Mediterranean and Middle East. References of the evil eye […]