Lovegreece Snapshots Competition

COMPETITION: Lovegreece Snapshots

Send your best summer pictures on our facebook page to win a Lovegreece T-Shirt™!

 August is *finally* here and most of us Greeks are ready to pack our bags and escape to the Greek islands, where sandy beaches and crystal blue waters await…

Yes, it’s holiday time! That special feeling you want to hold on to for as long as possible, those happy memories you want to keep alive forever, those carefree moments you want to remember on grey winter Monday mornings…

Yes, it’s time to take some pics!

Those Summer Snapshots can help you win a brand new Lovegreece T-shirt!

Step 1: Capture the true spirit of Lovegreece in a snapshot encapsulating the Greek summer experience, with the focus on people with relaxed, timeless and effortless style.

Step 2: Upload your snapshot on our facebook page or simply tag us @Lovegreece by September 30th.

Step 3: Get sharing and get your friends to like it, because the picture that gets the most “Likes”, will win a Lovegreece T-Shirt™, the ultimate Greek souvenir!

What are you waiting for? Snap up that Lovegreece T-shirt!